About Us

I grew up rescuing animals and finding them wonderful homes with my mother and sister.  From there, my love for animals grew.  I have a soft spot for all creatures, and I've always wanted to find a way to give back.  After serving on the board of a local Humane Society, I realized I needed to spread my love.

I created Basic Bitch to spread humor, joy and a way to give back.  All pet inspired tees sold will have a percentage donated to the Humane Society.  If you would like for us to donate directly to your local Humane Society, just reach out to us!  We will happily do so and include your name on the donation.

I created Basic Beach after moving to Puerto Rico with my husband.  We moved a year after the destructive Hurricane Maria devastated the island.  Seeing all the trash on the beautiful beaches made me want to give back to the island.  I now collect trash daily on the beaches and try to spread the message.  All Basic Beach tees sold will have a percentage donated to help in the cleaning process of Puerto Rico.  

I hope you enjoy my lines as much as I enjoy making them! XO- Megan Kelsey